Ayurveda is an ancient health and wellbeing system originating from India that has now spread all over the world.  Its teachings combine a rich knowledge of medicinal plants, massage, yoga, nutrition, spiritual practices and artistic creativity to guide us to a balanced lifestyle.  Ayurveda is holistic in a way that it gives equal importance upon a healthy body, healthy mind and a healthy spirit.   

At its root, the principles of Ayurveda hold that every person has their own unique individual combination of energy that make up their physical, mental and emotional character, their own unique constitution.  Ayurveda offers insight on how to live wisely, in sync with our ecosystem and in particular how to live in harmony according to ones unique constitutional make up.

Ayurvedic massage is different to what would be termed a western style massage and often includes lots of warm oil.  Two of the main intentions of Ayurvedic Massage is to strengthen the body and break up stagnation.  In preparation of your massage, make sure that you don’t come to your appointment straight after a large meal nor on a empty stomach.  Ideally, eat something light in the two hours before your appointment.   You will be asked to complete a health questionnaire before your massage, going over any health issues and areas of pain before we start your treatment.   



105 mins £105

Take a moment for yourself with the traditional Ayurvedic treatment known as Abhyanga and Svedana (steam).  This is a full body massage using lots of warm organic sesame oil, it nourishes and de-stresses the whole body and mind.  Marma points (subtle energy points) are activated, encouraging energy flow to clear stagnation throughout the body.  Abhyanga Massage pacifies the nervous system and is ideal for people who are feeling tense and are in need of relaxation, as well as those who are feeling sluggish and want to feel energised.  This treatment will make you feel balanced and rested.  After your massage will you will be taken to the steam shower lasting for up to 15 minutes, this therapeutic steam treatment is known as Svedana, this will open the pores and encourage perspiration which improves the removal of metabolic waste. It helps relieve muscular and joint stiffness, improve flexibility and relieve pain. 

Please come in clothes you don't mind getting a little oily for when you leave.

In some circumstances it is contraindicated to receive steam treatment, in these circumstances you may take a shower before leaving.


105 mins £105

Pinda Sveda is a sweating treatment using heated cotton herbal bags and can be a strong and vigorous in places.  I use lots of warm organic sesame oil and various pummelling techniques that rejuvenate, strengthen and nourish the body.  If you have tired muscles or stiff joints, this treatment is great for you as heat from the oil and herbs penetrate the muscles and other tissues helping to reduce stiffness and induce relaxation.  The herbal bags also act as a skin exfoliator removing the old skin cells and stimulating the skin surface, improving tone.  Your massage will last for 90 mins after which you will be taken to the steam shower for 15 minute therapeutic steam treatment known as Svedana, this will open the pores, encourage perspiration which improves the removal of metabolic waste. It helps relieve muscular and joint stiffness, improving flexibility and relieving pain. After your steam you are free to leave.

Please come in clothes you don't mind getting a little oily for when you leave.

In some circumstances it is contraindicated to receive steam treatment, in these circumstances you may take a shower before leaving.



60 mins £50

It is believed in Ayurveda that all the energy channels of the body end in the soles of the feet, therefore through massage of the feet the whole body is affected.  Padabhyanga is a de-stressing Ayurvedic lower leg & foot treatment. We start by cleansing the foot, before massaging the lower legs & feet combining marma point and traditional massage techniques with the use of organic sesame oil or a traditional blended oil. This massage brings nourishment to the body’s tissues, aids stress relief, increasing energy flow & awareness. This is a great treatment for tired legs & feet and bringing awareness to our body.


45 mins £45
Course of 6 £250* 
*When paid upon booking or at your first treatment

Mukabhyanga is both a Ayurvedic facial and a remedial facial massage that can help with sinus issues, insomnia and headaches.  The treatments starts with the face being cleansed using a soothing and exceptionally gentle Tri-Dosha Palmarosa & Grapefruit cleanser. The neck, face and head are then massaged using marma points (subtle energy points) with either organic sesame oil or a blended Ayurvedic oil. Marma points are the entry to the communication pathways in the body, a direct opening to the nervous system, working on the marma points sends messages to the mind and related organs.  Mukabhyanga is sometimes known as the natural face lift of Ayurveda, meaningful pressure on the marma point is thought to stimulate the facial muscles when the treatment is received regularly. Marma point massage increases energy flow leaving a youthful vibrant glow and can aid physical and mental wellbeing.  Best taken as a course of 6.



45 mins £60

Shirodhara is an ayurvedic healing therapy designed to calm and relax the mind. Warm organic sesame oil is gently poured onto the forehead for 30 minutes, easing away mental aches and pains. The flow of warm organic sesame oil helps bring clarity to the mind, improving intuition and perception. People often find they are transported to another plane during Shirodhara.  It is a great treatment for de-stressing the mind and can help those suffering from headaches, stress, anxiety, tension and insomnia.  Gentle work on marma points and the scalp complete the treatment.

Your hair will be very oily after this treatment, please come in old clothes that you don't mind getting a little oily and an old hat to keep your head warm for when you leave. 


45 mins £40

Warm medicated oil is poured into a dough ring over the heart area, this is a great treatment for those suffering from nervousness, anxiety, fear and emotional blockages.  The treatment can be taken alone or after Abhyanga and Svedana or Pinda Sveda and Svedana.

Kati basti.jpeg


60 mins £50
90 mins £75
120 mins £95
If you would like steam treatment after your massage, total time and cost is: 
75 mins £80
105 mins £105
135 mins £125

Reconnect with your body by experiencing your own unique body treatment tailored to your specific requirements. I will combine Ayurveda and western style massage to bring about relaxation, work tight muscles and ease stiff joints.  I use either organic sesame oil or an Ayurvedic blended oil and may incorporate a heated herbal bolus for particular use especially on the shoulders.  


60 min £50

This treatment looks at targeted areas of the body and mind.  This is an ancient therapy combining pressure to specific marma points that encourages a healthy flow of energy throughout the body.  During the treatment certain marma points will be worked on to help deal with the specific issue you may have, be it a physical issue eg knee/hip or if you feel it is more of a subtle energy issue for example around the heart or mind, we will focus on opening the marmas relating to the issue to help release any stagnation and encourage energy flow.



45 min £45

Indian head massage is a deeply therapeutic treatment that works by releasing tension and energy stagnation stored in the head, neck and shoulders, it is designed to nourish the scalp easing tensions associated with migraine, headache and shoulder stiffness and can help with beating insomnia.  This is a seated treatment using warm organic sesame oil or a traditional ayurvedic blended oil which nourishes the hair and scalp, i work on specific marma points of the head and neck, incorporating the arms, shoulders and face using a mixture of rhythmic techniques, as the treatment works directly at the seat of the central nervous system, stimulating lymphatic and blood flow, it has an overall effect on the whole body creating a sense of calm and promoting alertness and concentration. 


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