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Important Small Print

Treatment cancellation policy: For all treatment bookings, a 48 hour (2 days) cancellation policy applies, where no fee will be payable for cancellations (or changes) made with more than 48 hours notice. 


For cancellations (or changes) made within 48-24 hours of the appointment time, a flat fee of £10 will be charged. 


For cancellations (or changes) made with less than 24 hours notice a flat fee of £25 will be charged. 


Missed appointments and repeated late cancellations (or changes) will be charged at the full fee. 


All cancellations (or changes) have to be made by phone or text to 07471 767154. I am unable to accept cancellations (or changes) by email because I might not be able to pick them up in time.


Should you need to cancel your appointment, and a deposit has been made, the deposit will be repayable only if the cancellation notice is made to 07471 767154 in the period before the start of the 48 hour cancellation period, minus paypal or credit card fees, if applicable. 

Package deals: Should you or I decide to end your package deal then appointments already taken will be charged at full price and deducted from the amount paid. The remainder will then be refunded either in the form of a cheque or, if you so wish, in the form of gift vouchers.


Gift Vouchers: Gift vouchers are also subject to our cancellation policy. Should you cancel (or change) your appointment within the 48 hour cancellation period the cancellation fee will be deducted from the value of the voucher.


Please honour the time and effort I put into providing you with the best possible service by giving me plenty of notice by calling or texting on 07471 767154


Offers:  We may from time to time offer time-limited discounts or offers. These may be offered online or in the form of a voucher. These discounts or offers are not redeemable for cash.  Offers cannot be combined, and no further discounts are applicable for package deals.


Retreat bookings: Upon booking your retreat a 25% deposit is due to secure your place, the remainder of the retreat cost is due one calendar month before your due arrival date.  For all retreat cancellations a cancellation policy applies where by no fee will be payable if you cancel more than one calendar month before your due arrival date, and any deposit paid will be returned to you.  If you cancel your retreat during the calendar month of your due arrival date the 25% deposit is payable and will not be refunded to you.


Health and lifestyle updates: It is your responsibility to inform your therapist of any relevant changes in your health and life-style, e.g. if you are trying to get pregnant or are pregnant, if you have started or stopped taking medications, and any concerns or issues you may have.


For general concerns or issues with me please get in touch on 07471 767154 or email


Claiming back from your private insurance:  If you are planning to make a claim with your private health insurance company for your treatment with me, then please make sure to check with your insurance company whether this is possible or not before you book an appointment.  Every health insurance scheme has a range of plans, therapies and registrations they acknowledge.  These might change and you are responsible to check the terms and conditions of your private health insurance.  

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